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Commonwealth Edison Co.
Unicom Corp.
Exelon Corp.
Constellation Energy Group.
Type: Merger
Shares: 0.93 shares of Exelon for each
share of Constellation Energy Group
Basis Allocation: The basis of Exelon Shares
received generally will equal the aggregate
bass in the corresponding Constellation
Energy Group share(s) that were
surrendered reduced by the basis allocated
to the fractional shares, if any.
This chart will give you a good visual overview of Commonwealth Edison, Unicom, and Exelon stock splits,name changes,mergers and spin-offs. Also included is Constellation Energy Group merger. See Exelon Stock, Dividends, and Corporate history
Unicom formed as a holding corp. (1 share of CommEd received 1 share of Unicom.
Merged into Exelon Corp (per 1 share of Unicom received .875 shares of Exelon Corp.

Here is a flowchart to help you determine CommEd, Unicom, and Exelon cost basis.

CommEd / Unicom / Exelon